Nigh 300 years ago, intrepid explorers set sail across the uncharted expanse of the western ocean. Atop their masts, the ships flew the banner of Hum, the mightiest empire the world has seen. Braving tempests and sea monsters, they fell upon land after many weeks of wandering.

However, this land was not uninhabited. The wilds teemed with all manner of dangerous beasts, and dragons cast their immense shadows upon the land. There were speaking peoples as well, strange in form and custom. In the deep rainforests of the south dwelt the elves, fleet of foot and deft with arrow. The arid deserts in the west were home to the reclusive dwarves, mystics and shepherds eeking out a tenuous existence in this parched wasteland. In the wild lands of the north were the orcs, fierce warriors, skilled hunters and fishermen.

These are the natives of the land that men called Westfall, and terrible were the calamities that befell them in their wars with the colonials from distant Hum. The Humans emigrated here, forming the Outer Colonies. Some came for land, or for wealth, or freedom. Some came to search out the arcane secrets of this strange place. Still others came to escape: criminals, vagabonds, and outlaws. Westfall gained a reputation as a lawless frontier.

The world is changed. The Empire is crumbling. Priests and generals vie for power as the Old World falls into ruin. Many seek a fresh start in a new land. This land is Westfall.

Vitas Fugit